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Benefits of Hiring a Refrigerated Shipping Container

Refrigerated shipping containers are the ideal choice for your cold storage needs. Whether you need temporary refrigeration for a seasonal retail sale or a major event, or a long term solution for your restaurant or grocery store, these units give you the flexibility and affordability you need. In this article, you’ll find out the benefits of hiring a refrigerated shipping container. These benefits include:

1. Easy to Transport
2. Short or Long Term Storage
3. Free up Cash Flow
4. Available in Different Sizes

What is a refrigerated shipping container?

A refrigerated shipping container, also known as a reefer, is used to store or transport perishable goods that need temperature control. These units rely on external power points on a ship, or from generators on trucks.

With a lining of food-grade stainless steel, these units can have the capability to refrigerate or freeze food and beverages with a temperature range between approximately +25º C to -25º C, making them suitable for all your refrigerated uses.

1. Easy to transport

Refrigeration units are used for mobile catering, touring music festivals and pop-up events. Designed to be transported on a truck, they are portable and easy to move between sites. The advantage of reefer containers is that they offer exceptionally large storage space, while easy to transport and place in most locations.

2. Short or long term storage

Hiring a refrigerated shipping container in Australia is the smart and flexible option. Whether you need freezer storage for your retail store during the busy Christmas season, or planning a corporate event, hiring a cold storage unit will meet your needs.

Hire your refrigeration – either short or long term – to meet the peaks and fluctuations in your business. When you hire a unit, you will always have the freezer or fridge space to meet your customer demands.

Here are a few ideas of how refrigerated shipping containers are used:

  • Store seasonal harvest.
  • Cold storage for restaurants, grocery stores and cafes.
  • Agriculture and horticulture to store feed, seeds or flowers.
  • Mobile catering for events and functions.

3. Free up Cash Flow

Hiring a refrigerated container is easy on your cash flow. Instead of paying upfront, get terms and prices that suit your budget. Hire them short term, and you will save money, with no need to purchase the unit outright.

Even hiring long-term can be cost effective. When choosing a hire company make sure that they offer onsite servicing and after sales support. This support offers excellent value for money and keeps your refrigeration going without headaches or downtime.

4. Available in different sizes

With the choice of different sizes, you can get a refrigerated container that suits your budget and food storage requirements. These sizes include:

  • 20FT
  • 21FT high cube wide
  • 22FT high cube wide
  • 40FT high cube wide

The high cube wide offers you more headspace and room. These styles give your staff more room to get to stock quickly and easily and offer ample room for even bulky refrigeration needs. The wide high cube containers are unique to the Australian shipping container market.

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