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    Easy to move & store



    SPAREBOX’s 10ft storage containers are ideal for when space is at a premium. Of course, they’re just as strong and portable as our other sizing options and can be modified to suit your changing needs. To get a visual on their capacity, you can think of them as approximately half the size of a single car garage. The smaller dimensions of these containers make them easier to store and typically less costly to ship. 

    Even though they are more nimble to move, 10ft storage containers are just as tough as their larger counterparts. Completely wind and watertight, they are more-than-suitable for use as a cargo-hold. They’re also great in a contemporary application as a handy storage unit, especially for use on a residential or commercial property (as their size is highly commensurate). 

    Whether you need a 10ft general storage container, a 10ft-shipping container or a 10ft custom-built container, we stock a range of options to suit. At SPAREBOX, we offer perfectly sized storage containers for sale or hire in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. If you’re not sure if a 10ft storage container is right for you, our team of experts can recommend the most suitable storage container based on an assessment of your unique needs.  

    We have the option to get your container delivered straight to you. Ask us about our container delivery services for your 10ft container, so you have one less thing to worry about.





    Built to Last




    Nationwide Delivery




    more about storage solutions


    Our 10ft containers can be used for shipping goods, but a large number of our customers use our 10ft containers for versatile storage purposes. Their more compact size makes them especially suitable for every-day applications, such as extra storage for the home. Our customers are known to get quite creative with how they use our 10ft containers, and we are more than happy to recommend suitable modifications and accessories to achieve whatever it is you have in mind.

    Some typical utilisations of our 10ft storage containers include:

    • equipment and tool storage
    • onsite construction storage
    • added space for inventory and materials
    • movie production equipment
    • furniture storage
    • equipment for property maintenance
    • food service storage
    • added space for homeowners
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    10ft shipping container options


    We keep things super flexible for our customers, which means we have an option to suit you. That’s whether you need a container for the interim, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, or you’re needing something specially made. Our 10ft containers are available for sale, hire and for customisations.  

    SPAREBOX offers affordable rates for our 10ft container rentals. Our 10ft storage containers for sale are also competitively priced. 





    all you need to know




    SPAREBOX 10ft shipping containers are essentially your slightly smaller mid-sized container. They are cut from larger containers and are modified to provide a very easy to fit and transport unit. Available for sale and long or short-term hire. 

    8’6 (2.591m) high | 8’ (2.48m) wide 

    10’ (2.99m) LENGTH


    • Robust steel construction
    • Wind and watertight
    • Secure and lockable
    • Wooden floor
    • Easily transportable
    • Modification options
    • Nationwide delivery

    Product Specification


    Length Door Opening [W x H]
    10ft 2.4m x 2.3m
    Volume Tare
    16[m3] 1,300kg
    External Dimensions [LxWxH] Payload
    3m x 2.4.m x 2.6 m 8,860kg
    Internal Dimensions [LxWxH] Max. Weight
    2.8m x 2.4m x 2.4m 10,160kg

    Compare other SPAREBOX container sizes and container specs

    Dimensions and weight of shipping containers may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

    10ft High Cube

    10ft containers are not available in a high cube format. If you are looking for the extra space that a high cube can deliver, you can check out our other containers. High Cube containers are 1ft taller than standard, at 9ft 6 inches (2.9m) high.


    10ft containers are not available in a refrigerated variant. If you are looking for refrigerated options, you can check out our other containers. Refrigerated containers are especially suitable for storing cold goods and have other practical uses. 

    Learn more about our SPAREBOX refrigerated containers.

    Hiring 10ft Shipping Container

    SPAREBOX makes it easy to hire your 10ft shipping container. Our hire and delivery process is simple and streamlined so you can get on with taking care of business. The freedom and flexibility to hire (short or long term) can provide you with so many advantages. Our rental rate on 10ft containers is from just $2.50 per day.

    Buying 10ft Shipping Container

    For many customers, buying a 10ft shipping container makes sense. After all, it’s yours to own and do with as you please, including making modifications (see below). We offer competitive pricing on quality goods, including new and used 10ft shipping containers.

    Modify 10ft Shipping Containers

    Yes, you can repurpose your 10ft shipping container. Container customisation is a SPAREBOX speciality. From shelving, lighting, windows, doors, alarms, electricals and air conditioning to full-on portable living accommodation and pop up work spaces. Tell us your ideas and we’ll help you turn them into a reality.


    Wherever you are right across Australia, we deliver your 10ft shipping container directly to you. That’s whether you rent, buy or are after something custom-made. Our delivery options are fast and reliable and our network of experienced container drivers back you up with on-site assistance for ultimate peace-of-mind.

    Creative custom spaces with shipping containers


    When it comes to creative custom spaces using shipping containers – the possibilities sure are endless; no two are alike – each unique and purpose-built. From an outdoor cinema kiosk, a mini coffee roaster, a trade show exhibition space to a fully fitted outdoor room to name just a few – our team get to turn our awesome customers projects into reality. It’s this diversity and the relationships we build with our customers that truly sets 1300SPAREBOX apart – we take care to listen and provide the kind of service and expertise that makes for return business & referrals.

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