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Guide To Buying & Hiring A Modified Container From 1300SPAREBOX

Modified containers are extremely versatile and can be used for pretty much anything you can imagine; providing the perfect solution for a variety of business needs, from pop-up cafés and offices, events and even housing. 

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about buying or hiring your modified Sparebox shipping container.

Choose 1300Sparebox for all your modified container needs 

At 1300Sparesbox, most of the basic shipping container modifications can be completed within 10 working days – all thanks to our local team of experts who have 30 years’ combined industry experience in shipping container modification. Basic modifications are typically carried out on new or used shipping containers. 

You can directly purchase from our wide range of used and new build general purpose and refrigerated containers that come in a range of size options-if you’re not sure what size you’re after we’re here to help!

For larger, more complex modifications we would work with you to determine a timeframe, and keep your team updated throughout the modification process. 

Depending on your design plans and requirements the modification process can take anywhere from days to months.

We have an extensive range of options available and will work with you to find the right solutions to ensure that your modified container is exactly what you need it to be. All modifications comply with Australian Standards, including ventilation and insulation requirements.

So what is a modified shipping container?

Simply put, modified containers are essentially shipping containers that have been converted for atypical custom purposes. Kiosks, pop-up restaurants and bars, office fitouts; these containers can be transformed with windows, doors, insulation, lighting, joinery and more.

Should I hire or buy a modified container?

If you’re not quite sure whether buying our modified container is right for you, why not commence by hiring one? Our range of modified containers provide a great way to trial what might work best for your business without committing to an outright purchase. Hiring also allows you to understand exactly what modifications your business requires before you invest in the purchase of a customised container.

Similarly, if you have a business that relies on mobility and require a custom made semi-permanent space e.g. a temporary site office, it may make sense to buy a container outright and customise it according to your needs. With our all-in-one approach you can design and specify your container modifications up front and have less down time.

After modified containers for sale or hire? Browse our complete container range here.

What sort of modifications does 1300Sparebox do?

Doors and windows

modified shipping container blue from sparebox modified shipping container window modified shipping container door

A wide variety of doors and windows can be added to shipping containers. We have successfully cut out doorways and fitted everything from standard single access doors through to commercial roller shutters.

If you need some fresh air in your container, we can add windows, internal walls or vents. We’ve also been known to add air conditioning units from time to time! Because we cut out doors and windows based on your specifications, you can choose the exact position for any entry or exit points you need. We can also paint them in a colour of your choice as part of our full end-to-end service offering.


modified shipping container with paint

If your container needs painting, we’ve got you covered. We’ll pre-wash, sand down, buff, mask up seals & remove visible rust before applying marine grade paint for a high-quality finish. We can also add signage decals or company branding – just ask!

Walls and flooring

modified container wall and flooring

We can fit internal walls if necessary and add flooring inside your container. Once you provide us with the technical drawings or specifications for your container, we can ascertain what type of flooring is best suited for your needs and have it installed. For instance, shipping containers used outside vs. inside a warehouse might require a different type of flooring. 

The flooring material we use varies depending on what kind of use your container will get or what type of surface it will be standing on. 

At 1300Sparesbox, we can help find and install the best flooring option for your shipping container. Some of our flooring options include:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Laminated flooring
  • Vinyl boards

If you need to insulate your container if using it for eg as a portable showroom or change room we can fit quality Bondor insulated panels to Australian standards.

Other customisations – modifying your shipping container

At 1300Sparebox, we pride ourselves on being able to work with our customers when it comes to more complex custom shipping containers. Whether an idea, detailed plan, or just a purpose that needs to be fulfilled by fabricating a shipping container we can make it happen.

Our team have been working with modified containers for over 30 years so we understand how to bring your container modifications dream to life and how they can be used most effectively in your project.

Talk to our container specialists today

Whatever the intent is for your container we can make it a customised reality. We take pride in our work and aim to help customers make the most of their box, making sure it can fit into any space or purpose that they may have in mind.

If you are still unsure about where to start or if you would like any further advice on the process, check out our full process in our downloadable PDF, call our team today on 1300Sparebox [1300 772 732]  or get in touch.