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    40ft HC


    Steel storage containers in 40ft HC sizing from SPAREBOX are known to provide more-than-sufficient space for most regular uses, including shipping. To envision their volume, think of a two-car garage on a footprint equivalent to two tandem parking spaces. They will typically fit the contents of a 3 to 4 bedroom home.

    The high capacity of a 40ft HC container makes them top choice for those transporting large quantities of goods. This can be very cost-effective in a commercial application, where items are bought and traded in bulk amounts. As the largest standard size shipping container available, it makes sense to opt for one of these rather than two separate 20ft sized units, if applicable.  

    SPAREBOX’s 40ft HC shipping containers are also capable of functioning as an extensive and secure storage facility on dry land. Robust and fully lockable, they can house all manner of possessions including furniture and even large machinery. 

    If you’re wondering if a 40ft HC shipping container is right for you, we can help assess your individual requirements. We can also deliver to your door. Why not contact us to get started? 

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    40ft containers


    When modified, 40ft steel containers can be fashioned into customised portable living, leisure and workspaces for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. Going the route of re-purposing used shipping containers also helps to limit waste and is an eco-friendly choice. 

    There are a variety of applications for 40ft shipping containers, here are some popular uses (taking into consideration modification and special options):

    • large quantity good transportation and storage
    • furniture storage and removals
    • machinery and equipment storage
    • dangerous goods containers
    • small homes, extensions and additional residence, for example, Granny Flat 
    • commercial kitchens and restaurants 
    • gyms and recreational spaces
    • greenhouses and small farms 
    See Our Examples

    40ft shipping container options


    There are a variety of ways you can use or adapt a 40ft shipping container and make it work for you. For those with transitory needs, it might be a good option to hire. If you’re looking for a long-term solution and/or to repurpose your container into something else like accommodation or a retail space, then you will need to buy your own to do with as you please. We also have variants of the standard 40ft model, that include the taller high cube 40ft container and refrigerated units.  

    If you’re wanting to have a look and assess your options, here’s a summary of our 40ft shipping container range: 

    • standard/ general purpose/ dry freight containers
    • high cubes
    • refrigerated
    • speciality: insulated, NOR, flat racks, open tops, side opening, pallet wide, bulkers
    • modified/ customised





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    SPAREBOX standard 40ft shipping containers are the largest standard container available. Available for sale and long or short-term hire. 

    8’6 (2.591m) high | 8′ (2.44m) wide

    40′ (12.03m) LENGTH


    • Robust steel construction
    • Wind and watertight
    • Secure and lockable
    • Wooden floor
    • Easily transportable
    • Modification options
    • Nationwide delivery

    Product Specification


    Length Door Opening [W x H]
    40ft 2.3m x 2.3m
    Volume Tare
    67.7[m3] 4,470kg
    External Dimensions [LxWxH] Payload
    12.2m x 2.4m x 2.5m 27,010kg
    Internal Dimensions [LxWxH] Max. Weight
    12.0m x 2.3m x 2.4m 30,480kg

    Compare other SPAREBOX container sizes and container specs

    Dimensions and weight of shipping containers may vary slightly depending on manufacturer.

    40ft High Cube

    Our 40ft high cubes have similar specs to a standard 40ft container, with the exception of one extra foot height (12 inches or 30cm extra height). Secure furniture and equipment storage that lends itself well to custom-build projects.


    Unique to the Australian shipping container market, 21ft two pallet wide SPAREBOX freezer and refrigerated room storage containers offer multiple cost-effective uses when portable refrigeration is needed (temperature chiller and freezer capabilities). Ideal for outdoor corporate or public events, food and beverage uses. We provide full technical support with 24/7 call out service available.

    Learn more about our SPAREBOX refrigerated containers.

    Speciality Options

    Our specialty options include insulated, NOR (non operating reefer container), Flat racks, Open tops, Side opening, Bulkers and Two Pallet Wide High Cube containers. All these options are built to Australian domestic standards and specifications.

    Hiring 40ft Shipping Container

    SPAREBOX makes it easy to hire your 40ft shipping container. Our hire and delivery process is simple and streamlined so you can get on with taking care of business. The freedom and flexibility to hire (short or long term) can provide you with so many advantages. Our rental rate on 40ft containers is from just $4.50 per day. 

    Buying 40ft Shipping Container

    For many customers, buying a 40ft shipping container makes sense. After all, it’s yours to own and do with as you please, including making modifications (see below). We offer competitive pricing on quality goods, including new and used 40ft shipping containers. 

    Modify 40ft Shipping Containers

    Yes, you can repurpose your 40ft shipping container. Container customisation is a SPAREBOX speciality. From shelving, lighting, windows, doors, alarms, electricals and air conditioning to full-on portable living accommodation and pop up work spaces. Tell us your ideas and we’ll help you turn them into a reality. 


    Wherever you are right across Australia, we deliver your 40ft shipping container directly to you. That’s whether you rent, buy or are after something custom-made. Our delivery options are fast and reliable and our network of experienced container drivers back you up with on-site assistance for ultimate peace-of-mind. 

    Creative custom spaces with shipping containers


    When it comes to creative custom spaces using shipping containers – the possibilities sure are endless; no two are alike – each unique and purpose-built. From an outdoor cinema kiosk, a mini coffee roaster, a trade show exhibition space to a fully fitted outdoor room to name just a few – our team get to turn our awesome customers projects into reality. It’s this diversity and the relationships we build with our customers that truly sets 1300SPAREBOX apart – we take care to listen and provide the kind of service and expertise that makes for return business & referrals.

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